Filled with breathtaking landscapes, pristine falls, snow covered mountain peaks along with old and modern urban cities; Canada has got it all that’ll make your visit to the land an unforgettable one! As the country is filled with numerous spots and destinations attracting tourists, dissertation writing service has covered the must-visit destinations of the country, so your experience doesn’t lack in any way. A comprehensive research was carried out and opinions from experts and travelers were garnered in order to pen down the information that’ll be helpful to the readers.


The Ontario destination offers you the breathtaking and mesmerizing view of the Niagara Falls; which is also the ultimate tourists’ attraction. For the up-close sightseeing and capturing beautiful pictures of the falls, don’t miss a ride on the Maid of the Mist boat. Along with that, the falls destination includes other attractions as well, such as Niagara Gen Nature Reserve. The reserve provides the range of hiking trails to the visitors interested in hiking. According to the information collected by the dissertation writing site through various resources, the best time to visit the falls is from June to August.


It’d be no brainer to say that Banff National Park is one of the top destinations to visit in Canada. Situated in Alberta and specifically in the heart of Canadian Rockies, it is definitely a place to be visited. The park has the unique green-turquoise colored lakes, marvelous landscapes, snow covered mountains and there’s more on the list. Besides sight-seeing and capturing the ethereal sights through the lenses, visitors also enjoy range of sports and outdoor activities available; that includes skiing, biking etc. The guides and experts are vigilantly on-duty to facilitate the visitors and tourists, and to make their experience the safe and the best one! Above all, tourists are able to call it a day by returning to their hotels and resorts rather than staying in the outdoor camps. The most suitable time to visit the park is from June to August, and from December to March.


The cultural representation and artsy ambiance will make you want to explore the city in every way. Every year many grad and undergrad students visit Quebec City to get a better and personal insight, as the visit provides them help with dissertation writing. It is recommended to visit the place from June to December for a wholesome experience of your journey. So, ready to feel like you’re in France while actually being in Canada, add Quebec City to your list! 


Globally renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, the old-walled city has the French influence in culture, arts, streets, cuisines and welcomes many people warmly from all over the world every year. The city offers the archaic and pleasant sceneries, historical attractions, peaceful spots to relax and presence of the towering cathedrals. You can visit the places having rich historical background, such as The Citadel, can take a relaxing stroll along the scenic Terrasse Dufferin and enjoy the creamy lattes and mouthwatering croissants.  


Filled with bright colored houses and having the famous Water Street, St. Johns is truly artist’s retreat and one of the best cities to visit in Canada. Retro town vibes and multiple places to visit, eat and shop, the city is perfect for your planned holiday getaway. It is one of the oldest cities in the country, but depicts a rejuvenating atmosphere in every region. Cape Spear Lighthouse and the Water Street are the must-visit places while you’re in the city; and if you’re interested in learning about the domestic culture and historical events, then do a pay visit to The Rooms. April to May and September to October are the best times to visit the city.



 Don’t miss out visiting Montreal while on your trip to Canada. The city has got the fascinating combination of modern skyscrapers and the architecture of the older times. The Old Montreal has the scenic views, horse-drawn carriages for commoners and tourists and archaic aura in general. It fascinates the travelers as it feels like they have travelled back in the time of 17th century. While modern attractions also exist such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. In addition to that you can enjoy the great sights and views of the city by visiting the top of Parc du Mont-Royal.   

Best time to visit the city is around March to May and September to November.


Visit Stanley Park situated in the eminent Vancouver City, as the beautiful red-orange scenes await for the travelers in special seasons. The place surrounded by the abundance of Douglas fir and red cedar trees has created the enchanted and refreshing ambiance for the visitors. You can bike along the path, take a stroll and can also ride in the miniature train in the park. Best time to visit the park is from June to October.


The famous CN Tower is undeniably one of the best places to visit in Toronto. Touching the sky horizon, 1815 ft tall tower gives tourists the best experience to view the city from sky-touching height. Tourists experience edge walking on the lucid glass surface and capture the beautiful views of the city in day and night times. Apart from that, the tower also offers dinning at the incredible 360 Restaurant. CN Tower has acquired the position of the country’s landmark, and many visitors pay it a visit every year.



Your long-awaited dream of seeing the dancing Northern Lights can come true if you add up a visit to Yukon in your list. The mountainous territory in the North-West Canada, having a lesser population is perfect for your peaceful getaway and observing Northern Lights in the specific season. The beautiful natural phenomena are visible from Whitehorse and the Dempster Highway in winter season. According to the information gathered from the online dissertation help, most of the tourists plan their visit around the season of Northern Lights visibility in order to make the most of their trip.


Indeed, the Canadian land is every tourist’s dream, as the second largest country has second to none destinations and spots to visit. Picturesque landscapes, cascading falls, welcoming cities, snow covered mountain peaks and what not! For a lifetime experience and unforgettable memories, many people visit Canada every year! So, are you planning your next trip to the second largest country of the world?

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