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The start of the year brought unfortunate events and inevitable misery for the countries all over the globe. With over 200 countries currently hit by the coronavirus, all relevant unprecedented events will go down in the history. As we entered into the second month of the year 2020, many countries regulated strict lockdown, curfew hours, travel bans, guidelines for the social distancing and there’s much more. As the time passed, it showed the lethal statistics of the massive death numbers in many countries; specifically, Spain, USA, UK and Brazil. World Health Organization (WHO) and the relevant subsidiaries have announced the funds for the countries highly affected by the COVID-19. In every country, robust plan of action and strategies have been launched along with monitored implementation to curb the rampant surge.

According to the recent updates, the current statistics show the confirmed cases around 91,694 and 7,326 deaths; in addition to that over 49,726 have been recovered from the virus. To contain the spread of the coronavirus, all borders have been closed in Canada banning cross-border travel. In addition to that, for all foreign nationals, Canada-US border has also been closed down for a time being. According to the recent developments, it is officially stated that border closure will remain in order until June 21, however extension is expected depending upon the situation present at that time. On March 26, it was announced that any individual entering into boundaries of Canada is obliged to spend 14 days in Quarantine. Any individual if seemed to cause violation to this mandatory rule will be subjected to fines and imprisonment.

Ontario is the hardest hit region of Canada presently, and it is expected to take a longer time period to reopen educational institutions there than other regions in the country. The Canadian Government has launched the requisite plan of action in response to Corona, and is spending gigantic amount of funds to make it up for the economic setback which is the biggest challenge at the moment. However, it is stated that such initiatives despite of being highly needed are only covering a fraction of the wholesome damage done to the economy overall. According to the on-job Parliamentary Budget Officer, around $146 billion is the amount spent in order to provide for those affected by ongoing pandemic surge. Ongoing shutdowns are expected to remain till the start of the second half of this year. Finance experts are estimating that GDP will fall by 12% this year depicting the colossal economic setback in the history of Canada. According to the general opinion of the experts and through networked study, it is stated to take more than two years to reach back to the level of nominal GDP.


On a state level, it has been ordered by the public health agency to make basics available at the entrances, public places and the post signs. Health care workers are doing extra hours of duty for the regional testing drives, relevant protocols and more. Amid the ongoing pandemic surge, schools, colleges and universities are expected to remain close for more months. As colleges and universities have moved towards the online education system to maintain academics continuity along with promoting e-learning, students are reassessing their choices to enroll in the next semester. The contributing factors of the financial impact, lack of adequate support and being skeptical over the quality of online education, students of higher education are rethinking their plans. The shift towards online education from colleges and universities despite of being highly commendable, is not completely favored by the students collectively. The lack of assistance, incomplete gain of knowledge and not having access to the stable home broadband connection and gadgets are creating troublesome circumstances for the students. Coming from this perspective, students are withdrawing to enroll in the fall semester. To seek academics assistance and paper writing help, many students are seeking support from essay writing online and hiring essay writer.

According to the Education Minister Stephen Lecce, e-learning is not the complete substitute of the physical classes and such act was proceeded to maintain the educational productivity of the students as much as possible. Apart from that, the students are having lack of financial support to pay their tuition fees because of the lesser job opportunities present now. 


Entering into the month of May, country observed the decline in the registration of the positive cases confirming that in some areas pandemic has been under control now. This allowed the reopening of the economy and halted business operation in safe regions. Retail outlets and shops are allowed to proceed business with adequate guideline and procedures.

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