Canada always provides a welcoming environment to immigrants who are of the Muslim faith. Since the multiculturalism is embraced in the core values of Canadian society so Muslims do not get to stumble across any critique out there. Due to this fact, Muslims can live more vigilantly as compared to Muslims living in the Middle East or South Asia. Therefore, to get awareness about the life of Canadian Muslims, explore the facts stated by our Essay Writing Services.

Religious Freedom

Unlike the other non-Muslim countries, Canada possesses huge respect for the religious beliefs of Muslims and the government supports them completely in practicing Islam according to Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. Have you ever heard about any crises or anti-Muslim movement being held in Canada? Not, because the Canadians have built themselves on the pillars of equality and multiculturalism. Muslims are at ease and in their comfort zone with the life in Canada with abundant resources that are equitably distributed among the population of Canada.

Healthcare and Medical Facilities

It has always been the biggest flex for the permanent residential Muslims of Canada in front of the Muslims living in Asia that they are being served with medical facilities until the age of 25 instead of being living in a non-Muslim country. Because the Canadian Government is well-aware of its responsibilities towards the public plus it believes in the equality of different communities living there including Muslims.


Canada possesses a World-Class education system that completely subsidizes education till secondary school for its public including Muslims as a responsibility of the Government to yield a better future of the kids living there. Canadian Government believes that today’s generation is a great tomorrow for us no matter if they are Muslims, the only thing that concerns them is the better upbringing of mindsets with widened horizons to rule the world.

The fact that Canadian citizens are showcased as the most educated nation in the world is because staying away from all the discriminations they offer a respected place for Muslims in universities like McGill University, the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and the University of British Columbia ranking among the world’s top 100 institutions. The maximum Canadian Muslims ratio is much highly qualified than the overall population of Muslims in Asia.

Technology Sectors

The technology sectors in Canada are one of the most rapidly growing industries of the world and it provides a complete opportunity to the eligible Muslims out there to prove their talent and contribute to the prosperity of the country. The Canadian mindsets are free from evilness towards Muslims they support Muslims in every aspect of life by bringing them in the frontline of technological achievements.

Toronto serves a huge residence and habitat to Muslims and it gets a lot of attention for its plentiful tech talent through which Muslims are portrayed optimistically.


Mitigating all the racial and cultural discrimination, Canada offers a life with plentiful resources to eligible Muslims. The eligibility criteria to apply for a permanent residence in Canada are level of education, profession, and level of experience in that designated profession plus language proficiency in either English or French and your ability to adapt life in Canada.

Mosques in Canada:

The first Canadian mosque was constructed in Edmonton in 1938 when the European Muslim population was only 700. After World War II there was a gradual increase in the population of Muslims so as a result the Canadian Government took an instant step and let the Bosniaks and Albanian Muslims build the Jami Mosque. Moreover, the first mosque in Toronto was constructed in 1968.

The oldest mosque in Toronto with the oldest minaret in Ontario that is built-in Osmanic style is situated in Etobicoke. Besides all these favors to Muslims, the Canadian Government is still indulged in the well-being of Muslims.

Fastest Growing Religion

Due to the abundant resources and super supportive Canadian Laws, the current census in Canada shows that Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the country stating that there is a massive amount of satisfied Muslims living their lives peacefully. Muslims account for 3.2% of the total population, with a total of over a million.

Events other than Islamic Occasion:

Islam has its 3 basic holy events named as Eidhul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, and Eid Milad-un-Nabi that are celebrated in Canada with freedom. But besides these occasions, Canada also celebrates events such as MuslimFest and the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference, the largest Islamic event in Canada, annually.

Muslims' Opinion:

Muslims living in Canada are proud enough to be the part of such country that they flaunt it with zeal and pride to the rest of the world because of the way they are being treated by the Canadian laws and citizens. 94% of Muslims reported a very strong sense of belonging to Canada

The Muslims there are under great influence of Canada’s “freedom and democracy” in the first place while they also adore the “diversity and multiculturalism” of The Canadian environment.

Canadians' Opinion:

According to the survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute (ARI), the majority of Canadians do support Muslims and are too kind-hearted towards Muslims and they also strongly support Muslim women who wear hijab in public. However, the wearing of full-face and body covering is strongly opposed by the general non-Muslim citizens.


Appearance Consents:

Canada provides complete sovereignty to the Muslim community to follow their dress code or the apparels of their desire. Either it is eastern or western or a mixed touch of both. Muslim women present there, have complete autonomy on their lifestyles as well as men out there too.

53% of women wear some sort of head covering in public, 48% wear the hijab, 3% wear the chador, and 2% wear the niqab. And all of these things are based on their wills.

Gender Equality

A 2016 survey disclosed that 36% of Canadian Muslims agreed that homosexuality should be generally accepted by society. So the Canadian government worked on it too and promoted Muslim gay-rights by forming activists El-Farouk Khaki and Troy Jackson to work on it, plus Unity Mosque/ETJC is a gender-equal, LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) + affirming mosque.

Jobs and Employment facilities:

The jobs and employment opportunities are present in the diversified forms to pursue a good living in Canada. Muslims are living there with complete freedom of choice. They can do different jobs, finance their businesses, and set up their startups or different sort of legal activities to make a living.

No criticism is being thrown in the face of Muslims there with the kind of job they are doing, unlike the eastern world that will never normalize the job types except for the particular ones

Canadian Edibles:

Living abroad, it is quite challenging for Muslims to find Halal food but Canada is a country that takes care of the meal that Muslims consume. There are proper balanced halal diets that Canada offers to Muslims to nurture healthy metabolism.

It is not a daily mission to search for halal food when you live in Canada so Muslims living there are blessed with the resource unlike Muslims living in other European countries.

Unlimited Career opportunities:

Besides academics there is a huge no. of youth that is indulged in other extra-curricular activities is making their future out of those activities because of their passion. Such as acting, singing, blogging, and comedy, etc, in which the Canadian government fully promotes the Muslim youth out there. For Example, Zaid Ali T, Shahveer Jaffry, and Sham Idrees the well-known Muslim YouTubers who belong to Pakistan are making a great and lavish living there in Canada just because of their talent.

Muslim Organizations:

The Canadian government has also formed many Islamic organizations that support Muslims and work for their rights too. Check-and-balance in Canada is efficient for Muslims. That’s why the Muslims living there have a great and strong sense of pride to be A Canadian and they are confident enough to deal with the worldly challenges that strike them. The safety measures for Muslims are so secure that calamity is something unknown to Canadian Muslims



Canadian’s core values are embedded in the diversity of culture. They accept everyone wholeheartedly. Muslims living there are free from every type of racism, criticism, and body shaming plus no disrespecting of Religious beliefs. There are no boundaries between Muslims and non-Muslims everyone there is so well incorporated that Muslims living there have huge exposure to the variety of communities around the globe, plus they become so flexible and bold enough that they fit into different kinds of environment.

Civilized and better lifestyle:

Muslims living there are leading a very up-to-dated lifestyle. Moreover, they are going as fast as the world is moving unlike the Muslims living in Asia who are deprived of many things which they deserve to be familiar with.

Domestic Violence

In third world countries, there are no measures or preventive initiatives against domestic violence, child abuse, family violence, and marital rapes for Muslims, they bear these unjust events in silence due to economic instability and no law against it. But Muslims living in Canada possess a proper channel to avoid all such things and fight for their justice. For Example, Canada provides Elaine Scott, a family violence prevention division, health programs, and service branch to take immediate action to stop the violence that people are suffering from.

Minister of Immigration

Muslims who are about to immigrate to Canada would love to find that the Minister of Immigration in Canada is a Somali-born Muslim man named Mr. Ahmed Hussen. Because, when making decisions for minorities it is important to have someone who provides an insight to make decisions from an empathetic position instead of being sympathetic.

The way Canada gives importance to its minorities is justified by representing Mr. Ahmed Hussein in their cabinet too, housing up to as much as 20 minority MP’s at a time.

Moving to Canada:

You can get to know from our Paper Writing Service that Canadian government truly accommodates those Muslims who are approaching to immigrate in Canada. There are over 70 channels to apply for permanent residence and it is not that hard to know which option is most suitable to chase. But once you show your willingness and eligibility so it is most likely that the Canadian government will sponsor you.

In the end, our Essay Writers have concluded that how many productive measures Canada has taken to make the life of Muslims an ideal lifestyle for the rest of the world. So if you are looking up to moving to Canada then a peaceful life is awaited to you. Make yourself eligible enough despite your religious backgrounds or castes and you will surely be able to immigrate to Canada.

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