The following article is presented by essay writing service, and it deciphers the reasons and motives which elucidates why Canada is preferred for an expat life?

Canada is the most established and expat destinations which are apt to attract more than two million people from different countries. Furnished cities, full and open spaces, an educated and procured environment makes attraction for the tribe. Canada is the happiest country with all its immigration and safety plans and policies for its People. Great economic opportunities and reasons for a vast lifestyle and freedom can’t cope with any other country’s life. Due to all these facilities, Canadia is ranked at the fifth number on the international list of the best countries.


According to paper writing services, more than 31000 people move to Canada every year due to its safety and luxurious lifestyle. This is not the exact limit, it is rising annually, but the Canadian economy is strong to bear that crusade. But there is a point to consider why so many people move to Canada and what is the reason behind it that people leave their native country. With the help of essay writing online, we have set up ten goals, which are the base for the preference of Canadian life.


The most important and foremost is safety and security, whatever is the country you live, you might be sure about safety measures. Canada is known about its safe and sound environment with a low crime rate, and gun ownership is four times less than any country, which demands its security. OEDC  ranked Canada with an impressive 9.7 out of 10 numbers for its safety and security. Gun ownership rate is low that’s why people feel safe and the process for getting a license is lengthy and more strict than that of the US.


Education matters for everybody whatever of the country which he belongs, But not every country can manage it properly. Despite of an extended population, Canadians have maintained their educational activities, and they value their education; that’s why their children behave well across schooling. Government of Canada also spends the right amount on educational activities and on average, they create a well informed and peaceful society and also creates new opportunities for expats.


Canadian cities and scenery can be a significant motivating factor for people to move to Canada. Still, one must consider about its practical and financial benefits for a pleasant and peaceful life. Luckily, Canada is rich in economy and have a steep and robust grip over its economic growth and also contains a vast varieties of opportunities for its expats. Canada banking system is safe, robust and secure stability, which was reported from the last seven years by world economic forum. A strong economy allows them to arrange a luxurious and furnished lifestyle for their Canadians and expats.


Health is the central juncture in the persona’s life. Canada is fair and handy in the health care system. Health care is almost free in Canada. Every province has a healthcare budget; if the person needs some more health budget, they can allow it with individual attention. For an expat, there is Canadian health care, and you must have insurance with it as it is a lengthy procedure and takes a lot of time but there is also some payable amount for every process all over the world.


In every society, where we live, we wish that people should be open-minded and sensible, so that they can understand the real situation without blaming anyone. They should be helpful and trustworthy to handle sudden critical situations. Canadian government have very strong and strict policies about racial abuse and zero tolerance to hate crimes makes it a better society. OEDC also ranks it high due to its understanding and broad-minded people. The government of Canada is well aware of that the expats can make a lot of success in their country, and therefore, they have made immigration policies according to it. Canadians are freely able to go to other countries and it is the first country  in Europe that issues tame-sex marriage legally over a decade ago.


Canada has a culinary scene despite its sophisticated and elusive nature. Its cities are furnished with restaurants within the streets and much more such as Toronto and Vancouver. These Canadian are going high with a unique and different Canadian style. The increase rate of immigration from Asia, Europe and America was due to these restaurants. There also have international cuisines for Vietnamese and Thai and poutine m, which is liked by all over the world.



Canada is prosperous with its natural materials such as Gas, oil, cereals, and metals. Their strong economy is the sign of their natural wealth. The income through copper,  gold, silver, and other increases the impressions in economic growth. The richness in natural materials allows Canada to export cereals and lumber products. Its financial stability is also due to tourists who come to see the northern areas, whales, and other glimpses of light.


Canadians are educated and patriots with a good sense of humor about life. They don’t take it so seriously, and they know that the old governments got success due to its pure and straightway of talking and humor. It is noted by essay help, that the great comedians such as Mark, John, Dan, and Jim belong to Canada, and it is a truth that with these humor skills, they can make a laugh at any time and make life happier.


Canada is the second-largest country in the world, and it covers more than ten million squares kilometers. With its northern peaks and ice lakes, white areas can take your breath away. The people love to spend their holidays in skiing, whale watching, and hiking. You can also swim with polar bears within Canada. According to essay writer, Toronto is named the fourth beautiful city in the world, and it covers 35 million of the population of Canada country.


Canada has diversity in nations and covers each and every nations such as expats from different countries. But their tolerance and broad-mindedness can be measured by this,  that within the parliament of Canada, there are 41 overseas from 338, reported by writing my essay. You can’t pass even a street without listening to a foreign language. For an expat, it is easy to settle in Canada, and the government will also make successful measures for its residency and progress.

Two hundred fifty thousand immigrants move to Canada every year, and it will be an excellent destination for a potential person. These are the reasons behind every immigration towards Canada.

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